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Mohit Arora

Patent Agent in Training

Mohit Arora


25th Floor
1100 René-Lévesque Blvd. West
Montreal, Quebec H3B 5C9
514 397-8500 514 397-8515

Mohit Arora’s practice is focused on drafting and prosecution of patent applications relating to electronics, telecommunications, and computer sciences. He obtained his Master’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Thapar University, India. 

Before moving to Canada and joining BCF, Mohit was working with TT Consultants, India as a Technical Analyst where he was responsible to analyse technology to provide an expert opinion to globally recognized clients, related to various services such as Patentability, Infringement, FTO’s, Landscape and Invalidation. Before entering the intellectual property field, he worked at Chandigarh University as an Assistant Professor where his area of research was Digital Signal Processing and Telecommunication.

  • Master of Engineering in Electronics and Communication, Thapar University, India (2013)
  • Bachelor of technology in Electronics and Communication, Kurukshetra University, India (2008)
  • “Discrete Fractional Cosine Transform based Online Handwritten Signature Verification”

    Co-author, published in Proc. IEEE RAECS Conference, Chandigarh India , 6-8 March 2014

  • “Design of Capacitive Sensor for Monitoring Moisture Content of Soil and Analysis of Analog Voltage with Variability in Moisture”

    Co-author, published in Proc. IEEE RAECS Conference, Chandigarh India , 6-8 March 2014

  • “Comparison of Bit Error Rate Performance of different Modulation Techniques over Turbulent FSO Link”

    Co-author, published in the International Journal of Computer Applications 109, 20-24 (2015)