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4th Cohort

The technologies created by these startups are already enabling them to carve out an enviable position in their respective industries and to develop new business models. That’s why BCF is proud to support these 10 new companies by offering them a range of adapted services and resources over the following year.

Upscale Technology

Upscale Technology has the mission to help emerging music bands reach a professional sound quickly during shows;

Neuraura Biotech

Neuraura Biotech is developing an electronic chip for reading signals between brain cells;

Projet Lucine

Projet Lucine has created and now operates a health software geared for people with chronic pain;


Mechasys is developing a laser projection system that displays real-scale construction plans at construction sites;

Puzzle Medical Devices

Puzzle Medical Devices developed ModulHeart, the world’s safest heart pump;


Vyoo is the first mobile 3D acquisition technology that can help anyone identify, measure and find wanted objects;


Bliinx automates and optimizes all aspects of contact management to focus on what really matters: business relationships;


MISO provides tools and services that better predict the behaviour of cancerous cells;

Pilot Things

Pilot Things transforms connected objects into data that can be used by applications;


Umanéo automates a public bid response process with its artificial intelligence software, Aloha.