Real Learning

As a student at BCF, you will work in all the areas of law that interest you. It is your choice: opt for a rotation through the different fields of practice or simply take part in the variety of mandates that await you. To us, you are already part of the team. You will participate in all social and training activities as well as in our firm’s departmental meetings.

Looking to go further? BCF offers you the chance to work part-time while you are studying.

Articling Program

Our Flexibility

BCF is not afraid to reinvent itself. We have accommodated our articling students’ new reality by adapting to the Québec Bar School’s new program. Whether you choose the preparatory or accelerated courses, whether you complete the program in December or May, BCF welcomes you. You can continue your studies without worrying that your articles will be delayed!

Your future starts here

How does articling at BCF prepare you for the practice of law?

  • By matching you with a team with which you can develop within the firm.
  • By providing you with the support of a mentor.
  • By quickly involving you in various legal matters.
  • By giving you an early opportunity to communicate with clients and other players in the business world.

That is how it is done at BCF. It is the best way for you to dive head-first into a particular field of law, to get a real taste of your professional future.

After your swearing-in…

Just sworn in? Deepen the knowledge and skills you acquired during your articles by launching your career with BCF. You will be constantly challenged to push your limits, to devote yourself to ambitious and dynamic clients and to be successful. Join a team that aims for the highest performance, one of the best business law firms in Canada.


BCF is proud of its distinctive mentoring program, which ensures your professional development and is designed to allow you to realize your full potential. From the day you start, whether as a student, articling student or lawyer, you are guided by a mentor. Your mentor not only supports you in your choices and introduces the organization to you, but also teaches you about BCF’s culture and values—we are all about winning, excelling and giving. When a professional chooses a career at BCF, his or her mentor helps develop a personalized business plan. This plan is your direct route to reaching your goals!

Regular follow-up

Your mentor meets with you on a monthly basis. You receive a progress report on achieving pre-established goals and learn more about all the possibilities available to you at BCF. With your success in mind, your mentor will ensure that you have all the tools necessary to make your mark in the legal community.

Our mentoring program evolves with you, adapting to your various needs and realities throughout your career at BCF.

Watch above the video of the testimonials of our articling students who became lawyers in 2014!

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Two times a year, in January and June, every professional receives a personal evaluation in a face to face meeting—a progress report on your evolution. It is a relaxed and informal atmosphere for an assessment of the past six months and to set goals for the next ones ahead.


BCF team members have the will to excel and continuously aim higher. They regularly take part in continuing education activities. Practice group meetings, presentations on research, conferences and other internal and external training… BCF encourages constant improvement. Training includes updates on recent judgments, changes in the law, business development techniques and improving the effectiveness and quality of our services.

Because BCF develops privileged relationships with firms practicing in other jurisdictions, our lawyers have opportunities to work there. This is another valuable and exciting way to expand your knowledge!

Working Conditions

Our open and flexible entrepreneurial approach will help you develop your career and fulfil your potential in a number of ways. Our philosophy regarding remuneration respects our core values of autonomy, freedom of choice, respect and "meritocracy".

More competitive base salaries:

  • $66,000 per year for an articling student in Montréal and $45,000 for a student in Québec City

  • $87,000 per year for a first year lawyer in Montréal and $63,000 for a lawyer in Québec City

We also offer an attractive bonus plan, which is both unlimited and unique on the market and makes it possible for you to significantly increase your annual salary according to the number of billable hours completed, affirm your leadership with internal and external clients, develop your clientele, your involvement in the teaching process as well as your community involvement.

For information purpose, here is the average remuneration for our first year lawyers of the year 2017:

This plan is in addition to the many benefits offered by the firm, which complements a comprehensive total compensation package that compares favorably with larger firms.

For example, one of our first year lawyers earned a total remuneration of $126,000 in 2017 thanks to his outstanding contribution in a number of areas.

The following are a list of available bonuses:

  • A bonus for surpassing the annual billable hours target

  • A 10% bonus of receipts as of the first year for client referrals

  • A discretionary bonus for outstanding attitude, engagement and leadership

  • A bonus for participating in conferences, teaching activities, student recruitment and being involved with the knowledge management team

We also offer:

  • A summer position as soon as you have completed your second year of law school

  • A very advantageous group RRSP program

  • Payment of your Quebec Bar School tuition fees

  • A salary that could reach $12,000 while attending the Quebec Bar School

  • A signing bonus of $5,000 in Montreal or $3,500 in Quebec City upon being hired as a first-year associate

  • The possibility of working at one of several out-of-province law firms with which we have a privileged relationship

  • A laptop

  • Smart phone (iPhone)

  • An allowance for a sports club membership

  • Four weeks vacation as a first-year associate, two weeks of which may be taken at the end of your articling period

  • Life insurance and group medical, dental and disability insurance coverage

  • An Employee Assistance Program

  • A physiotherapy and massotherapy service

Social Events

At BCF, we believe a happy team is a high-performance team. Parties, activities, sports… there are many opportunities for good times and to strengthen connections:

Every Thursday: a happy hour-style cocktail for all our professionals.

Several times a year
Our support staff joins the entire team for a themed cocktail party to celebrate a special occasion such as Halloween or St. Patrick's Day.

The start of summer
In a relaxed atmosphere, all the members of our firm are invited to our famous BBQ lunch.

In the fall
All our professionals, their partners and our students and articling students get together at the biannual BCF retreat. In a relaxed setting, members of the executive committee present the strategic plans for the years to come.

Every year
Our Montreal and Quebec City offices compete in a sporting event reminiscent of the good old Canadiens–Nordiques rivalry!

Our Christmas party
All our professionals, support staff, students and articling students celebrate together.

Sports leagues
BCF is actively involved in several leagues in Montreal’s legal community. Members of our team are great competitors in softball, soccer and hockey.


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