Testimonials from our 2015 recruits

GUILLAUME GENDREAU-VALLÉE, LAWYER, Construction law and commercial litigation

" Right from the start, you come to realize that BCF lawyers are genuine. With that in mind, it’s important to learn to be yourself, as authenticity is definitely part of BCF’s DNA. "

MAUDE PAPILLON, LAWYER, Commercial and corporate law

" To be a young lawyer with BCF means having to meet enormous professional challenges, but with a down-to-earth team that is both passionate and dynamic. "


" One of BCF’s most striking features is that, despite its size and status among Québec’s largest law firms, it remains a place where the doors are always open and proximity among lawyers is important, regardless of their years of experience. "


" BCF provides a good learning environment and constantly challenges me to step out of my comfort zone. I was quickly given responsibilities, thereby fulfilling my need for professional advancement. "

VÉRONIQUE BRIAND-CARLE, LAWYER, Municipal and administrative law, and construction law

" BCF offers many resources to its young lawyers and encourages us to surpass even our highest goals. I am so pleased to have been given the opportunity to launch my career with BCF. "


" From an early stage, the articling students are directly exposed with the client, and are encouraged to take an active part in finding a tailor-made solution to the problem. "

Pierre Allard, partner

"I have had the chance to be part of BCF’s adventure since its very beginning. I proudly carry the label of the first articling student recruited by BCF through the articling race. It was 16 years ago. BCF was a very different organization then.

Indeed, with a growth of 1,600% in 12 years, the organization took giant steps. BCF had, at its very beginning, a strong will to do things differently: for its customers, for its members and for the community. During the course of its many achievements of the past years, BCF did not lose that will, on the contrary, it only grew stronger. BCF’s goal is not to replicate what other large firms already offer. BCF wants to offer services of unequalled value to its clientele of entrepreneurs and growing companies.

BCF has always made space available to its younger professionals. At BCF, the best idea prevails, and not seniority. As evidence, it is important to know that a good portion of the strategic positions are filled by professionals under 40 years old. For my part, BCF formed me and gave me the tools in order to not only be recognized as an expert in my field, but also to allow me to have a leadership role in the organization.

I hope you will all have the opportunity to live the BCF experience."

Éric Orlup, partner

"I have worked at the Québec City office for seven years and I completed my articling in commercial litigation there in 2004. I chose BCF because of the ambitious associates who promised me immense challenges and a lot of autonomy. Four years later, I can assure you that the partners kept their promises and I benefited greatly from exceptional training. I had the chance to work on large files and to be in direct contact with clients. Today, I am proud to be part of a dynamic team that allows me to excel every day in a working atmosphere that is humane and respectful."


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