Testimonials from our 2017 recruits


“I was drawn to the people and flexibility that BCF provided throughout my journey. Along the way, the speed dating and cocktail events gave me a chance to meet a lot of interesting people that I would like to work with in the future. I also really enjoyed the fact that the student program gives us a chance to build our own learning path.”

DAWEI DING, LAWYER, Business, Commercial and Corporate Law

“By letting me be actively involved in several major cases, the firm’s professionals allowed me to gain a great deal of independence, and quickly at that. My work makes me feel like I am on the front line, and this boosts my confidence and inspires me to surpass myself. I also know that I will be able to meet any challenge, since I am backed by such a skilled team.”


“My summers as a student at BCF gave me a chance to learn more about the various branches of the law, figure out which one I was most passionate about, and practise it with an outstanding team. The support of my mentor contributed to my advancement, and she helped me manage the responsibilities I was assigned within my first few weeks of work.”

ROSANNE GIGUÈRE, STUDENT, Université de Sherbrooke

“BCF is a young, dynamic firm. The people are motivated and love their work; that’s obvious as soon as you set foot in the office. The firm also invests a lot of energy in leading edge industry trends, like the BCF Imagine program, which specifically focuses on startups.”


“I loved the vision and character of BCF and the people who work there. I also loved that this is a growing company that makes room for young people.”


“In addition to the high-quality training we get in the office, BCF really shines in Quebec thanks to its major involvement in several commercial, sports, and charitable events, which allows us to make incredible connections and enrich our professional network.”


“During my time as a summer student, I had the chance to work with a number of lawyers on interesting files. This allowed me to become familiar with the pragmatic aspect of the law. I also gained experience in terms of legal drafting and research.”

Pierre Allard, partner

I am lucky to have been a part of the BCF adventure from the very beginning. I proudly wear my badge for being the first articling student recruited during the BCF recruitment process. That was 23 years ago. As an organization, BCF was not then what it is today.

BCF has since taken giant steps and we are now one of the largest firms in Quebec. From the very outset, BCF had a marked desire to do things differently for its clients, its members and the community. This desire has not diminished over the course of the achievements of the past years. To the contrary, it has only grown.

BCF does not want to mimic what is already being offered by the other large firms. BCF wants to offer an unparalleled experience to a clientele composed of entrepreneurs and growing businesses.

BCF has always made room for its young lawyers. The best idea, not seniority, prevails at BCF. The proof is that many strategic positions are held by people under 40. BCF trained me and provided me with all the tools so that I could not only earn recognition as an expert in my area, but also so that I could take on a leadership role in the organization, which I have done as a member of the executive committee.

I hope that you can all enjoy the BCF experience.

David Kei Codere Maruyama, lawyer

I fell in love with patent law while articling in corporate law. The heads of the law firm quickly noticed that I had found a new passion and allowed me to change departments during my articles. It was a first for BCF, but it attests to the firm’s great flexibility and desire that each articling student and each lawyer should be free to achieve their full potential. I have been practising patent law for the last three years and each day I realize that BCF fosters initiative and leadership. We work together with everyone to learn and advance in order to become better lawyers and make a difference for our clients.

Julie Doré, Partner

Twenty years ago, when I arrived at BCF during the recruitment process, the firm had no more than 15 lawyers. Today it has 250 professionals and we just keep growing! I was initially attracted by the fact that I could participate in a project and work for Quebec entrepreneurs. We have grown so much that we are on the verge of becoming one of the largest firms in Quebec, and are definitely the most dynamic. Despite everything, we never deviated from the original mission, and I’m very proud of this. I have been with BCF for over twenty years and it has never been anything but positive. I am a commercial law partner and a member of the executive committee, and I can tell you that the future holds many wonderful projects for BCF and that we need new professionals to carry them out.

Maude Lépine, Lawyer

BCF always remained my number 1 choice throughout the 2014 winter recruitment process. Every professional I met during the recruitment process confirmed my desire to be a part of the great BCF adventure, as because of their ambition, talent or passion. BCF is a firm whose growth has been exceptional from the outset. From my very first summer as a student, BCF honoured every one of its promises, in particular to offer its students an exemplary work environment and personal and professional development. BCF also lets every student work on major mandates so that they can express their creativity and audacity, all the while surrounded by human, generous professionals, as is evidenced by the many social and community associations with which BCF is actively involved.

I am convinced that each student recruited during the recruitment process will discover their place at BCF among the many specialized work teams in various areas of expertise. The firm’s incredible flexibility allows every individual to discover their passion and become a formidable lawyer.

Éric Orlup, partner

I have been working at the Québec City office for over 13 years, and I articled here in commercial litigation in 2004. I chose BCF for its ambitious professionals who promised me enormous challenges and a high degree of autonomy. They gave me much more than that!

Since I started, I have had the opportunity to work on major files and be in direct contact with clients. This allowed me to rapidly acquire a very enriching experience. I was named a partner in my early thirties, and I today I am head of the litigation group in Québec City and a member of the firm’s compensation committee, all before I turned 40! I am proof that a merit-based system rewards those who are actively involved in achieving success for their clients, their colleagues and the firm as a whole. Today, I consider myself fortunate to be part of a dynamic team where I can surpass myself day after day in a human and respectful work environment.

Anna Baghramyan, lawyer

The people I met during the student recruiting campaign gave me a sense of belonging. I was immediately convinced that BCF would not only contribute to my professional development, but that the friendships I would form there would last a lifetime. I wasn’t wrong! BCF gave me a chance to focus my practice on a sector I’m truly passionate about—real estate law. My interests were supported and I was encouraged to pursue them. I now get to work with real estate law experts every day. I also work with lawyers who specialize in corporate law, which has really allowed me to expand my horizons.


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