BCF Trains the Best Emerging Talent

The BCF team is pleased to announce that 5 of its interns have recently been sworn in and have accepted our offer to join our team as lawyers. They are Sarah Hébert-Tremblay, who specializes in trademarks, as well as Rosanne Giguère, Marvin Pavot and Laurence Rousseau-Dufresne, who will be lawyers in business, commercial and corporate law. They officially started their careers in our Montreal office over the past few days. They were sworn in on Wednesday, August 15th. Alexandre McGraw was sworn in on July 6 and has since practiced as a lawyer in the business, commercial and corporate law team of our Quebec City office. We are very proud to train the best of the next generation and welcome them to our team of professionals.

From left to right : Rosanne Giguère (Montreal) – Business, Commercial and Corporate Law

Sarah Hébert-Tremblay (Montreal) – Trademarks

Alexandre McGraw (Quebec city) – Business, Commercial and Corporate Law

Marvin Pavot (Montréal) – Business, Commercial and Corporate Law

Laurence Rousseau-Dufresne (Montréal) - Business, Commercial and Corporate Law

Rosanne, Sarah, Alexandre, Marvin and Laurence, welcome in the BCF family and we are happy to have you with us!

Our Articling Students

Samuel Phipps Blair

Articling Student

Samuel Phipps Blair

514 397-2378

Laurie St-Arnaud

Articling student

Laurie St-Arnaud

418 694-2928


Audrée-Anne Barry

514 397-6707

Rihèm Boudelal

514 397-6886 #6886

Véronique Boudrias

514 397-6661

Sophie Boulanger

418 525-2732

Maxime-Oumar Brassard-Samson

514 397-8500

Jean-Christophe De Muszka

514 397-6665

Anaïs Descoteaux

418 649-5495

Adèle Desgagné

514 397-6666

Anaïs Gascon-Vaillancourt

514 397-6730

Marie-Noëlle Goulet

514 397-6718

Laurence Grenier-Laroche

514 397-6734

Jean-Christophe Imbeau

514 397-6699 #3467

Charles Joly

Law Student

Charles Joly

418 525-2731

Xavier Levert

Law Student

Xavier Levert

514 397-6697

Adrien Mitchell

517 397-3024

Mikael Ouimet

Law Student

Mikael Ouimet

514 397-6699 #3616

Alex Thivierge-Côté

514 397-3944

Karine  Pelletier

514 397-6699 #3493


Thank you, your application has been sent. If successful, you will be contacted within the next 10 days.