The Excellence Gene

We want to grow. That’s why we recruit exceptional people; people worthy of our trust. Simply put, we want the very best: brilliant, enthusiastic, creative and entrepreneurial.

The Five Principles of BCF

The approach that sets BCF apart from other law firms is embodied in the following five principles. These principles dictate how we practice law and are the very foundation of who we are as a firm.


Forget the usual distant relationship between lawyer and client. When you put your trust in BCF, you get in return a partner who will bring humility, passion and generosity to achieving success for your business. We’re at your side at each step, whatever the matter might be.


Battles of ego have no place at BCF. Our experts are among the best in their respective fields, but it’s through their combined efforts that they arrive at great ideas for our clients. Our multidisciplinary strategic teams offer a range of viewpoints and expertise that allow them to clearly assess your needs and then meet them in the most effective way.


Lack of progress leads to stagnation; boldness leads to change. We believe that a business must take calculated risks in order to succeed. That’s why we strive to put in place unique and innovative solutions that will help further your success.


We believe that the practice of business law should not be shackled by convention. It is only by taking roads less travelled that ideas evolve. By putting innovation at the heart of our practice, we are in a position to help make your business stand out from the competition.

Straight Talk

At BCF, we don’t get caught up in grand proposals that are meaningless to you. We’re straightforward and direct, so you will understand what we mean and where you stand. It’s our commitment to sincerity.

Planning Your Succession

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