Is your business on the web? Is it well-equipped to deal with the associated legal issues? Are you familiar with the variety of rules that govern your presence in this ever-evolving environment? BCF’s Internet strategic team is made up of professionals with a thorough knowledge of the legal issues that arise in connection with the internet. With them on your team, you can focus on what’s really important to you: making your business prosper.

Our team can give you effective advice. Helping you stand out on the web. That’s what we mean by a different kind of practice.

The expertise we provide covers many areas. You can click on each of the following links to know more about the topic.

Johanne Auger

Partner, Trademark Agent

Johanne Auger

514 397-6721

418 266-4503

Jocelyn Auger

Partner, Lawyer

Jocelyn Auger

514 397-2643

Marc-Étienne Boucher

514 787-6777

Véronique Briand-Carle

418 649-5478

Vincent Chartier

418 694-2903

Sarah Hébert-Tremblay

514 397-6733

Julien Lacheré

Partner, Patent Agent, Engineer

Julien Lacheré

514 397-2633

Pascal Lauzon

Partner, Lawyer and Trademark Agent

Pascal  Lauzon

514 397-6736

Serge Lebel

Partner, Lawyer and Administrateur de sociétés certifiés (ASC)

Serge Lebel

418 692-4159

Martin Nolet

514 787-2780

Maude Papillon

418 692-2403

Claudia Parent

418 649-4727

Gaël Picout

Paralegal, Trademark

Gaël Picout

514 397-6959

Nicolas St-Sauveur

418 692-4501

Philippe Therias

Member of the Paris Bar, Consultant and European patent and trademark Attorney

Philippe  Therias

Marie-Pier Vadnais

418 694-2927

Kevin Vincelette

514 397-6662