Family relocation is an essential factor in any successful expatriation. Our international network of specialized relocation consultants offers a full range of solutions to assist your employees and their families in the search for a home, schools, or any other services needed to settle in a foreign country. We will provide helpful advice on the costs and realities of the rental market to help define reliable and fair packages, and will efficiently coordinate the move, the immigration procedures, and the planning for the arrival or departure of your employees, to make the transition as smooth as possible.


The purpose of the advance visit is to familiarize the employee with his or her future environment, in a pleasant and casual atmosphere. This initial step will set the stage for the settlement process. The expat will be able to discover the various neighbourhoods, visit a few typical dwellings that will fit his or her budget and personal preferences, and also get a feel for the distances between the neighbourhoods, the schools and the new workplace. Once the preferred neighbourhoods have been identified, the employee can make a more targeted and efficient home search, thus freeing him or her to step into the new position sooner.


Generally, looking for a home abroad calls for “local” assistance. If you don’t have local support, a quick and efficient solution is to use a relocation firm. BCF’s consultant will take charge of the home search in reliance on criteria and preferences previously discussed with the employee. Once the housing prospects have been selected, the consultant makes the appointments and accompanies the employee on the visits. This allows the employee to choose a home that suits his or her needs and to wrap up the formalities faster. The consultant will also act as a facilitator in the lease negotiation process and can offer advice on local residential practices, security deposits and the documents required for the execution of a lease.


Getting the children well settled in school is a key factor in a family’s equilibrium. An understanding of the school system, the educational options, the equivalencies and diploma recognition is essential for making the right choices. BCF will provide explanations and advice and will accompany the employee to school appointments, which includes school tours, information about admission standards, registration procedures and waiting lists, as well as entrance exams. We handle all of the follow-up to ensure a smooth school transition for every child.


Perhaps you want to entrust the management of your moves to a professional in order to reduce your costs, give better service to your expats and regulate the entire moving process. We will help you define an efficient moving policy at a fair price, based on your requirements. To mobilize these projects we use a platform of professionals who specialize in the logistics of international moves and who cover all destinations worldwide. As per your requirements, we will coordinate the disassembly, packing, loading, transportation, customs formalities (both import and export), unloading, unpacking and re-assembly of furniture and the pick-up of packing materials.


The last thing you want is for your newly relocated employee to waste time and get stressed-out over practicalities and administrative red tape. Expats want to focus on their new job and their family life so they can feel settled as soon as possible. Nowadays companies understand how important this is, and HR departments do everything they can to help their expats get settled in. BCF can guide the employee through the administrative formalities upon their arrival so they can get their daily life organized without delay:

  • Opening of a bank account;

  • Obtaining of a social insurance number (SIN);

  • Obtaining of a health insurance card (RAMQ);

  • Obtaining of a driver’s licence (SAAQ).


The evolution of family situations, career parity between the two spouses, and failed relocations due to the spouse’s adaptation problems have led to a rethinking of international mobility policies with a new emphasis on the spouse. The employer can help by offering a premium, which is a short-term solution, but especially by providing tangible assistance through services or ancillary benefits that will constitute long-term solutions. Whether the spouse wishes to do volunteer work, go back to school, gain professional experience or learn a new language, BCF can provide guidance so they’ll have every opportunity to become properly integrated in their new living environment.


Intercultural training has become an essential element for companies that send their employees abroad in the context of major deployments for purposes of a project or when getting established in a new country. Foreign postings, cross-border negotiations, international contacts with clients, associates or partners, all of these routine intercultural exchanges merit attention. With intercultural training, every employee can optimize his or her professional exchanges abroad and become better integrated in the company and the host country. Managing an international team, dealing with suppliers, working with partners or doing business internationally, all of these are cultural challenges. BCF offers:

  • Pre-departure training for employees assigned abroad;

  • Intercultural training for incoming foreign workers;

  • Intercultural management training for executives who are bringing in foreign workers.

When structuring a training program, we strongly advise that a chapter be included where the spouses of the expats are invited to participate.

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