Mobility strategy

Shifting from technical global mobility management to strategic global mobility management is a fundamental issue. We at BCF, with our diversified know-how, can streamline the complex logistical aspects of employee mobility, and help our clients achieve their international growth objectives in compliance with all legal and tax issues.


You understand that your company must satisfy certain requirements in order to hire a foreign worker on a temporary or permanent basis, that you must meet the requirements of the skilled workers immigration program, and that it is possible but sometimes difficult to hire a person with foreign training to practice a regulated profession or trade. BCF’s experts can guide you in the selection of the right immigration strategy and can support you every step of the way, right up to the final hiring stage.

  • Selection strategy & immigration rules You’ve spent months recruiting internationally and have finally found the ideal candidate for a key position. Now that the negotiations are underway and you’re close to making a formal offer, you realize that you omitted to check whether the candidate, given their profile, was eligible for a work permit and/or permanent residency. Our experts can help you draft an immigration strategy in conjunction with the recruitment process to avoid disappointments and wasted time. This way, you will select qualified candidates and will be in a position to plan the parameters of your employment offers in a concrete fashion.

  • Essential FAQS You need to field numerous questions from the candidates during the interview process. These questions, if neglected, can be the reason for a job refusal. This consultation service, handled by BCF’s experts, is aimed in an overall manner at dissipating the fears and confusion of the candidates by answering questions about the cost of living, taxation, the education and medical systems, the spouse’s employment, etc. that HR cannot answer, either due to a shortage of time or lack of knowledge.

  • "Pre-decision" exploration Your star candidate has not yet accepted the job offer or assignment and you’re thinking that a short visit to the host country would make a difference. Such a visit, organized by BCF, will clear up some of the candidate’s concerns (schools, housing, quality of life, etc.) and help them make an informed decision. This is a prudent approach that will reduce the chances of a failed relocation, with the attendant loss of time and resources.


Perhaps you’ve been negotiating the expats’ contracts one by one and it’s becoming difficult to manage the inequities between the employees. You would like to define a set of international mobility rules in order to provide a fair, competitive and attractive compensation scheme for your expats. With our proven method, we can help you align your international mobility practices with your business objectives, and devise a policy that will boost both the company’s performance and the employees’ satisfaction.


Perhaps immigration procedures are a real issue for your company. You need to satisfy your international development requirements while complying with the legal requirements for transferring your employees abroad or bringing them to Canada. Our specialists, with their recognized know-how, will advise you based on your needs and the specific situation of each employee concerned. They will help you gain a proper understanding of the rules and establish an effective strategy, and will ensure that your practices are in order. As strategic advisors, they will guide you from the definition of the strategy to the completion of the file. They also offer a Web platform through which you can manage all of the data on your expats, such as the type of visa, the expiration date and the status of the file, all in real time.


You may be wondering where you can find reliable information, whatever the country of the assignment may be. How to determine a local compensation package that accounts for the discrepancies in terms of the cost of living and the specifics of deductions for benefits and taxes. Remuneration is a central question for companies and employees alike, and it becomes all the more complex in an international framework. Our goal is to help you present an attractive package to the employee and his or her family, while proposing the best solutions for fiscal and social security optimization while keeping your costs down. Our experts will advise you on a case by case basis and will guide you through the simulation process.


Your expats’ taxation has a significant impact on the costs for your company and your employees. Our experts on the international taxation of individuals will advise you on the election of tax residency, social security agreements and tax agreements for purposes of avoiding double taxation. They will assume preparation of the tax returns in the country of origin/host country for your expats and will make recommendations on the best practices to be implemented for purposes of optimizing the tax situation.


How do you choose between an assignment, a deployment and a local contract? Is it related to the immigration strategy, the contractual relationship between entities or the employer-employee relationship? Who will the signatories be? What will be the impact on the employees’ social security and the employer’s costs? Our international employment contract experts will help you plan the structure and will adapt the contracts to the different countries while considering the needs of your employees.


The uniqueness of international payroll administration calls for specialized and trained personnel to ensure compliance with the tax laws and deduction requirements of the various jurisdictions. Perhaps you want to assign a manager to a country where you have no payroll structure. Payroll outsourcing or a shadow payroll will guarantee you a solution in compliance with tax and social security requirements. Based on your needs, we will set up the right methods for deploying your employee abroad under the best conditions.


Perhaps you want to compare the costs of various hiring scenarios, one of which includes an assignment. Perhaps you’re responding to a request for proposals for a project that involves a number of international assignments and you want to estimate the costs. Cost projection is a detailed list of all the costs involved in an assignment, such as salary, taxes, social security, immigration expenses, moving expenses, specific family needs, housing and schooling as well as other factors that are often overlooked; such as, exploratory visits, language courses and cultural sensitization. Our experts will prepare a global financial picture of the assignment which will become your planning and decision-making tool.


Perhaps you would like to improve the mobility processes, the knowledge of your HR team, and your legal and fiscal compliance so that your expats will be better administered and your company protected. You may be wondering how to allocate international assignment tasks between the HR teams in the various geographic locales. Which model would be better for you: expertise centralization/decentralization or hubs/shared services? Our service model experts will help you understand the issues, design efficient processes, choose the right technological support, implement and disseminate the new mobility practices, and expand HR knowledge—all of this to improve the expatriation image and sustain the growth of the company’s international operations.


What is your “mobility health” quotient? You know that immigration, taxation and social security compliance are important and that there can be heavy penalties in the event of an audit, but perhaps you don’t have all the internal expertise needed to rectify the situation. The 100% compliance program offers a thorough diagnosis, practical solutions, and the correction of problems, all handled by our experts in the various disciplines.


Your company may be planning to make changes to its organizational structure by creating a subsidiary through a merger or acquisition. The transaction involves a company whose personnel includes foreign nationals. It is essential to conduct a due diligence review, otherwise the legal status of the employees post-transaction could be compromised and there could be a violation of the laws and regulations in force. An in-depth analysis by our team will confirm whether the staff will have the right to work legally after the transaction is completed, and to determine what obligations will be incumbent on the successor.


Our international mobility experts are at your disposal for purposes of:

  • Responding to a temporary overload within your company;

  • Giving you the benefit of technical expertise;

  • Filling-in for your personnel on a temporary basis, such as for disability leave, maternity leave, sick leave;

  • Saving you time on complex or time-consuming projects.

This is a safe way of providing for continuity, making international transfers secure (compliance with rules, waiting times, incorporation of human and financial issues) and taking advantage of expertise that will enable the implementation of optimized processes and working methods. Last but not least, it means flexible resources and an approach that guarantees cost optimization.

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