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Estate Settlement

Whether you are a liquidator, trustee, beneficiary or legatee, our team can answer your questions about your rights and obligations and guide you through the various steps involved in the settlement of an estate. We have developed special expertise in complex estate settlements involving private company shares or assets abroad, and settling estates which involve establishing testamentary trusts.

Our tax specialists ensure that taxes are minimized, for an estate as well as for its heirs. Our team of notaries and lawyers can also advise you on disputes between heirs, trust beneficiaries, liquidators and trustees.

Marie-Josée Aumais

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Alain Castonguay

Partner, Notary, Legal Advisor

Alain Castonguay

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Natasha Girouard

Partner, Notary, TEP, D.Tax

Natasha Girouard

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Vanessa Gregorio

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Samuel Lajoie

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Pierre Lamontagne

Consulting Partner, Lawyer

Pierre Lamontagne

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Julie Loranger

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Pascale Villani

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