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Customs and International Trade

Canadian businesses, regardless of their size, are becoming international players at a frenetic pace, with imports and exports representing an increasing part of their procurement and sales activities. Yet the practical and legal aspects of customs formalities are generally poorly understood and may entail significant risks if not mastered from the outset. To make matters worse, proceeding without the assistance of a trained specialist could lead to the loss of precious opportunities.

Whether planning commercial transactions with foreign partners, reorganizing international operations or structures or dealing with a specific customs clearance problem, seasoned importers and exporters know they must go beyond merely delegating the matter to their customs broker and take charge of this crucial aspect of their international success.

In order to help our clients through this process, we offer customs and international trade services that address a range of issues, including:

  • Providing strategic advice to minimize customs-related costs and maximize opportunities;
  • Providing expert knowledge regarding international trade agreements and the benefits they can provide;
  • Evaluating the impact on customs-related issues of corporate decisions involving tax, commercial, financial and other matters;
  • Preventing and detecting risks through compliance analyses;
  • Identifying and applying for customs duty refunds and tariff relief;
  • Preparing and filing voluntary corrections and disclosures with the authorities;
  • Providing assistance during audits carried out by the authorities;
  • Defending the interests of importers and representing them in customs-related litigation.