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BCF is one of a select few law firms offering specialized legal services in global business immigration. We support both SMBs and multinationals from all business sectors at each and every step of the process, from case analysis to eligibility determination to complete immigration and visa services, including overall immigration and policy guidance, implementation of strategic options and planning, preparation of all petitions and applications and all the necessary support for both employees and employers. We approach every file keeping in mind both our clients’ business realities and the human beings involved.


BCF offers turnkey consulting services whenever clients are contemplating changes to their corporate structure, whether by creating subsidiaries or through mergers, acquisitions or reverse takeovers.

Whenever a transaction involves a business whose workforce includes foreign nationals, a proper due diligence is vital. Omitting this step may cause employees to lose their immigration status following the transaction and may also result in serious violations of applicable laws and regulations, potentially exposing employers to various civil and penal sanctions. In addition to maintaining valid work permits, employers must be made aware of other compliance issues including the retention of specific official documents, anti-discrimination provisions, document fraud or misuse and successor liability for predecessor non-compliance. They must also be prepared for a formal audit.

Our team stresses the importance of diligently controlling employee’s immigrant and non-immigrant status. In many transactions, a business’s workforce is a valuable and coveted asset. Conducting a thorough review by our team will confirm whether or not the target’s staff will be eligible to work after the transaction and will determine all obligations that the successor’s status entails.


Using our expertise, we take charge of all personnel mobility and relocation processes, leaving our clients to excel in their main fields of expertise, free of immigration concerns. Our outsourcing services give you access to constant updates on changes to laws and regulations, as well as to international assistance 24/7. We develop and implement strategies to ensure full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and we offer an integrated policy management service. We also develop customized online access portals that provide our clients with all relevant information including automated case tracking and reporting. Our outsourcing services also include briefings and on-site client training as required.


Immigration or emigration is often the answer to a lack of available personnel. At BCF, we assist our clients to secure their employees’ right to work in other countries by obtaining temporary or permanent status abroad for them. We prepare and file appropriate petitions and applications for all work permits, visas and permanent residence matters, supported when required by a network of global correspondents. Being part of our clients’ global immigration strategies, we are able to minimize the costs and delays normally associated with opening files and forwarding documents.

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