Banking Litigation

Banking litigation is at the heart of the services offered by BCF’s banking and institutional law team. Our lawyers have developed expertise in banking and commercial litigation as a result of the long-term relationships established with many financial institutions. We provide consulting and support services to Schedule I and Schedule II banks, insurance companies, trust companies and other financial institutions. We represent financial institutions in all types of litigation, particularly regarding cases dealing with the following issues:

  • claims dealing with various types of fraud including ATM fraud, Nigerian fraud, kiting and other fraudulent activity;
  • extra-judicial, anti-fraud proceedings such as Norwich and Mareva injunction orders and seizures before judgment;
  • defence of financial institutions in damages claims on the basis of allegations of negligence in connection with a broad range of litigation involving banking issues and transactions, including seizures and transfers of international funds, account management, credit approvals, banks’ reporting liability, banking operations, credit recommendation letters, signing of cheques by unauthorized persons, etc.;
  • representation of financial institutions in lawsuits involving letters of credit, including injunction to contest payment of letters of credit and letters of guarantee;
  • representation in lawsuits involving bills of exchange;
  • security and mortgage enforcement for financial institutions;
  • contesting fraudulent transactions, preferred payments and disposal of assets to prevent financial institutions from enforcing their security on them.

The practical experience and advanced expertise of our professionals in these types of cases as well as their great credibility before the courts are definitely major assets.

Jean-François Bienjonetti

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Stéphan Charles-Grenon

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Nicolas Guimond

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Fabrice L. Coulombe

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Serge Lebel

Partner, Lawyer and Administrateur de sociétés certifiés (ASC)

Serge Lebel

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Chloé Lépine

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Claude Paquet

Partner, Lawyer

Claude  Paquet

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Gary Rivard

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François Valin

Partner, Lawyer

François Valin

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