BCF at the forefront of Delma Group's listing

March 23rd, 2018

The Delma Group Inc. has been approved for listing today, following the pursuit of securities trading.

Less than a year ago, Aydon Income Properties Inc. acquired the shares of the group of Delma's entities, which consisted of several private companies. Following this transaction, the company also changed its name for The Delma Group Inc.

The BCF team is proud to have assisted in the listing of this visionary real estate company from Montreal.

About Delma Group Inc.

Delma Group's origins date back more than 27 years. Based in Montreal, it owns and operates real estate assets in Canada, USA and Europe. The Delma Group puts forward an agile and efficient investment platform aimed at optimizing yield while mitigating risks through its various subsidiaries. It operates in the development, acquisition and management of multi-purpose properties.

In addition to Gilles Seguin, Didier Culat and Marvin Pavot were all involved in this listing.