October 6th, 2017

BCF is proud to present “L’expropriation, la réserve pour fins publiques et l’expropriation déguisée : procédures et principes d’indemnisation”, a new book written by two lawyers at its Quebec City office and published by Wolters Kluwer in October 2017. It is the reference work in Quebec on expropriations and the principles of indemnification.

Written by Pierre Delisle, Joseph-André Roy, certified appraiser Alain Roy and former certified appraiser Denis Savoie (with over 40 years of experience), “L’expropriation, la réserve pour fins publiques et l’expropriation déguisée : procédures et principes d’indemnisation” is a reference tool for any decision-maker working in a public body and for all real estate professionals, including lawyers, notaries, appraisers, real estate developers, urban planners, surveyors, bankers and insurers.


Each level of the federal, provincial and municipal government has the power to expropriate. Many public bodies also have such a power, but in certain cases its exercise is subject to specific conditions. Moreover, under Quebec’s Expropriation Act (CQLR, c. E-24), this power may be subject to reserves for public purposes.

The work explains the different rules on expropriation under both Quebec and federal legislation.

The exhaustive content is presented in a concise, easy-to-read format that allows the reader to quickly find the relevant information in answer to their many questions. It offers a comprehensive review of the following subjects:

  • the expropriation procedure and the different acts and time limits involved;
  • the rules on contesting the right to expropriate;

  • the different powers granted to the expropriating party;

  • proceedings before the TAQ to determine the indemnity owed to the expropriated party;

  • reserves for public purposes;

  • the various methods and techniques used to establish the indemnity;

  • disguised expropriation.

The work is useful, if not indispensable, to anyone interested in real estate in general, and its relationships with the municipal world in particular.