BCF raises over $155,000 for the Centraide Campaign

December 9th, 2016

It is with much pride that BCF will remit a contribution of more than $155,000 following its 2016 Centraide Campaign.

The BCF team, with an outstanding show of solidarity again this year, raised the impressive sum of $155,000, and BCF was able to meet the target it set at the start of the campaign.

By participating in some twenty activities held in Montreal and Quebec in the last two weeks of November, the BCF team managed to raise this money, which will go to fund the various assistance programs that Centraide offers those in need.

Congratulations to the Montreal team, which raised a total of $125,000, thanks in particular to its 55 leaders who donated $1,200 or more.

Congratulations to the Quebec team as well, which raised $30,000, with a total of 15 leaders ($1,200 and up) and two major donors ($500 to $1,200) among its ranks.

Unfortunately, the gap between the haves and have-nots is growing wider, and the face of poverty is changing, with youth and families now dealing with hardship. Through such involvement, we are trying to make a difference and have proven our sensitivity to this issue affecting our society.

“Thanks to everyone for your great work and special thanks to the 2016 Centraide committee, which again made it possible for us to demonstrate our philanthropic spirit and the humanity that is at the heart of our values,” declared Mario Charpentier as the 2016 campaign was wrapped up on December 2nd.