A new online training is now available

November 22nd, 2016

8 training sessions are available on the BCF.TV

BCF is proud to present "Les acteurs de l’aménagement du territoire et leur rôle," a course given by lawyer Isabelle Landry, on the BCF.TV Web platform.

This one-hour long course is approved by the Barreau du Québec for purposes of its continuing education program.

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This is the 8th online training session to be broadcast on the BCF.TV platform since it first went online in 2014.


“When it comes time to build an engineering structure, renovate a building or change its destination, or even buy or sell a piece of land, there are a series of laws and regulations enacted by various levels of government that regulate our project.

Therefore, when developing land, a number of important factors must be considered before going ahead with a project.

In Québec, in addition to the provincial government, there are 1,110 cities and municipalities, 11 agglomerations, 2 urban communities and more than 80 MRCs.

To guide you through this complicated labyrinth, our lawyer, Isabelle Landry, a specialist in administrative and municipal law, presents this course, which will give you an overview of the role of each of these actors and the impact they can have on your projects.”

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