BCF Welcomes Four New Partners Among its Ranks

January 26th, 2016

With their talent, our firm is optimistic about the future.

Left to right: Antonio Nadaira, Frédéric Dionne, Adam Allouba and François Beaudry.

BCF is proud to appoint four new partners from among its ranks.

Adam Allouba practises business law, specializing in securities. His expertise also includes competition law and regulatory matters. In addition, Adam is a member of our Internet strategic team, which provides strategic advice on the legal aspects of cyberspace.

François Beaudry practices civil and commercial litigation and has particular expertise in the areas of extraordinary remedies (injunctions and seizures before judgment), shareholder remedies and corporate control matters, as well as real estate and construction law.

Frédéric Dionne is a trademark agent and a member of our Intellectual Property strategic team. He drafts opinions in connection with the registrability and availability of trademarks, in addition to being in charge of national and international trademark portfolios.

Antonio Nadaira practices business law and has a particular expertise in the areas of Canadian and international tax law. His practice focuses primarily on tax driven corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions and estate tax planning.

In 2015, our firm took the opportunity to add to its depth and expertise. By contributing their energy, their ideas and their audacity, these four professionals will help us build on this momentum in 2016 and beyond.

Congratulations to our new partners!