Real Estate Development: What Are the Rules?

January 19th, 2016

Two of our lawyers launch a new publication addressing this matter

Whether you are a promoter, a developer or any other stakeholder involved in real estate, or a legal counsel with a real estate firm, this book entitled “Les ententes de développement Municipalités-Promoteurs” (Municipality-Promoter Development Agreements) by our consulting partner Pierre Delisle and lawyer Joseph-André Roy was written with you in mind and will prove to be a very handy guide. The original publication focuses on various problems encountered by promoters and local municipalities during the course of real estate development projects.

The rules governing real estate development projects are numerous and this book is the result of a wealth of expertise acquired by our two professionals on this subject. Some of the topics discussed in the book are:

  • The preliminary enquiries a promoter must perform prior to carrying out his project.

  • Applicable rules and regulations pertaining to park contributions.

  • The contents of regulations on agreements reached between local municipalities and promoters relating to municipal work.

  • The equitability of taxes and tariffs local municipalities may impose in order to allow a real estate development project.

  • Several other thematic aspects of real estate development.

More detailed information is available on the book editor’s website, Wolters Kluwer (in French).