Énergère: BCF helps to secure financing

November 17th, 2014

On October 29th, Fondaction CSN announced that it is joining the shareholeders of Énergère, an energy service company. The venture capital fund’s $8,250,000 investment will allow Énergère to support the implementation of its business strategy.

Attorneys Brigitte Nepveu, Serge Fournier and Marc-André Bélanger successfully carried out this transaction on behalf of Énergère. As they have done in the past, they took the company’s needs into account and maximized its position while meeting the terms of Fondaction, a major investor.

Énergère, which has become a leader in sustainable development in Quebec, will now be able to accelerate its growth by broadening the range of services it offers and developing new markets.

BCF is proud to contribute, in its own way, to the economic development and energy efficiency of Quebec.