Shaun E. Finn Demystifies the Québec Class Action for Non-Residents

November 7th, 2018

Shaun E. Finn, Co-Leader of BCF’s Strategic Class Action Defence Team and a commercial litigator at the firm, has authored a book for Thomson Reuters entitled Class Actions in Québec: Notes for Non-Residents, 2nd Edition, which is intended to demystify and explain this unique procedure.

The book is designed for in-house counsel, practitioners, and judges sitting in other Canadian provinces and in the United States, for whom the field of class actions in Québec remains largely unknown. The author addresses the procedural steps involved in class action litigation, the history of class actions, the most recent case law, and some of the key ideas that underpin Québec’s procedural model.

Mr. Finn has published three other books on class actions and edited two BCF publications: The Québec Class Action: A Roadmap and Manuel de l’action collective. He also lectures on class actions and securities litigation at the McGill Faculty of Law.

Mr. Finn’s class action work involves the representation of corporate and institutional defendants in the areas of product liability, mass torts, consumer protection, privacy, and securities.